Metal Filing Cabinet Lock with 2 Keys – Mastered M92 – 20mm Price: £10.85 (as of 04/08/2020 18:13 PST- Details)

KM1346 20mm Standard Filing Cabinet Lock
Each metal filing cabinet lock comes with it’s own 2 keys
Our locks are mastered using the M92 master key

Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days


Easy lock replacement If the lock on your current filing cabinet is broken or if you are building something that requires a similar style lock then we have exactly what you need. To find out if our lock will fit just measure the diameter of the hole and the hole depth that the lock is going to sit on. This will give you the size of the lock you need. More information about your filing cabinet lock This lock is a standard 20mm filing cabinet lock suitable for most metal filing cabinets. It comes with 2 keys (201 – 400) mastered with M92. Replacement keys It has never been easier to order replacement keys for your lock. If you are worried that you might have to replace the lock if keys are lost, then worry no more. We have you completely covered. Suitability Use our cabinet locks to secure metal filing cabinets. They will give you complete peace of mind knowing that personal documents and private and sensitive information is kept under lock and key. BUY NOW and secure your metal filing cabinet, at the home or office, with a lock you can trust
FILING CABINET LOCK REPLACEMENT – if you need to replace the lock in a metal filing cabinet because it is broken, or the keys have been lost then our 20mm file cabinet lock replacement with keys could be exactly what you need
2 KEYS – every purchase of our filing cabinet lock comes with 2 replacement keys. This ensures the filing cabinet user has 1 key and you have the other to be used as a master key if necessary
EASY TO REPLACE – if for any reason you go on to lose your new cabinet keys you can be rest assured that our cabinet locks are mastered under the M92 master key so obtaining file cabinet replacement keys won’t be a problem
KEY TIPS – the replacement key number is stamped on the front of each of our filing cabinet replacement locks to ensure you can easily order a new cabinet key

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