GreenClick LED Ceiling Lighting


Both save energy and money: This light only use very little energy, it can replace 35W CFL bulb and 180W incandescent bulb, means you get more light and less charge for it. The fixture will more than likely last you a life time at a normal usage rate, saving you tons of cash.
Better heat dissipation: a better heat dissipation than incandescent CFL bulb, very lightweight with uniform light transmission. Stylish sleek design will adapt to most all interior design you might already have, this one simple light can help save your eyes and the environment at same time.
Eye protection and let you seeing clearly: make you can read for an extended period of time with no eye strain at all, they are excellent lights and put out a nicely dispersed field of lightvery bright and is perfect for a utility area such as the laundry, garage or basement.



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20W 5000K Cool White, 8W 4000K Natural Light, 8W 5000K Cool Light