Kokuyo Harinacs Japanese Stapleless Stapler Ten-Sh...

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Dimensions: W3.2 cm x h10cmxd12.1 cm
Material: R ABS
Weight: 136 g



Ten pieces of paper increasing twice as much as conventional products is possible. You can staple paper without needle and not need the needle supply. In addition, it is not necessary to separate it when you discard stapled paper, and you don’t have to worry to get mixed with others with a needle. It is the design which is stylish with the compact which you can put away in a drawer of the desk. Ten pieces can be stapled, and is hard to come off; is ten pieces of handy types! ! ? When you staple paper, there is a hole. ? It is stapled, and, depending on a kind of the paper, the number of sheets decreases and may not be closed. In addition, please be careful because retentivity may become weak. (the thin paper including thermal paper, the copying slip, tender paper) is not available to a thing except the paper such as ? films, the thing with the adhesive. ? Please use it after testing it with unnecessary paper by all means.

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