Awesome Notes – 200 Appreciation/Kudos Stick... Price: £9.97 (as of 26/02/2021 20:08 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Appreciation sticky notes in 4 different unique designs 4×50 sheets
Give positive feedback and express appreciation to to your colleagues, friends, child, student, partner, family member, waitress, …
Convenient size 100x72mm and 4 thin lines support you writing the awesome notes


Celebrating success and progress

We do wonderful things every day – but do we take enough time to celebrate our success and progress properly?
This “Awesome” note gives you the opportunity to pass on positive feedback and express appreciation.

Creating happy moments
Everyone is happy when they are Why not give joy, why not with a small note to a colleague, friend, child, student, partner, family member.

Accidental act of kindness
With a small positive gesture you create a good feeling with the other person and you also get to perform a “Random Act of Kindness” yourself feel good. A WIN-WIN situation.

Unique design
90% of information reaches the brain visually, which is why the “Awesome” notes from Ulassa have a unique design and it It is a great pleasure to give an colleague an awesome note.

Increasing motivation and team spirit
We and our team members spend so many great achievements, but let us take enough time to do so to appreciate this? With the “Awesome” notes we create the opportunity to honor the people who are important to us and thus increase motivation and team spirit.

Appreciation Notes in 4 motifs as practical sticky notes 4×50 sheets
Communicate appreciation to team members, children, friends, family members, partners
Practical format and 4 thin lines support the labeling of the Awesome Notes
Awesome Notes stick again and again and can be removed without residue

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