840 Pieces Small Flags Tabs Sticky Notes Writable ...

Package includes: 6 sets of sticky notes; Each set: 140 sheets, 7 colors, each color 20 sheets; Totally 840 sheets into 6 sets
7 Vibrant colors: rose red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light purple and purple; Assorted color strips are suitable as color-coded notes Colorful flags make it easy to go back and reference information
Translucent and removable adhesive: thin see through strips, the transparent part won’t cover up information; Removable adhesive for easy re-positioning and keeps your books from leaving any traces


840 pieces, narrow Index flags, tabs, text highlighter, stripes, writeable labels for page marking.

One side has sticky section and the other side is not sticky. Removable adhesive for easy repositioning and leaves no marks on your books, allowing you sell the books ink-free when you are finished with them.

Much better than a marking pen:
these strips allow you to mark the book without damaging it and staining it through to the other side, unlike a pen or a text markers; ideal for students, workers, library employees.

Wide range of colours:
bright flags in 7 colours; rose red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and bright purple; bright colour, easy to see, easy to go back and forth.

Narrow highlighters:
Size (WxL): 8×45 mm each sheet; smaller and convenient size for highlighting; writeable labels, can be used for writing short information for your colleagues or friends; for school, office and home use.

Quantity: Total 6 sets / 840 sheets.
Material: PET, one kind plastic.
Size: 8×45 mm/piece.
Colours: pink red, orange, yellow, green, blue, lilac, purple.

Package includes:
6 sets of sticky notes.

Slim rectangular indexing flags; pay attention to the size (8×45 mm) before purchasing.
These sticky strips are adhesive along the whole strip; half the strip is adhesive and half the strip is not,
Package includes: 6 sets of sticky notes; each set: 140 sheets, 7 colours, each colour 20 sheets; total 840 leaves in 6 sets.
7 vibrant colours: pink red, orange, yellow, green, blue, bright purple and red-purple; various-coloured sticky notes are suitable for colour-coding notes and work as colourful flags that make it easy to go back and forth.
Transparent and removable adhesive: the thin transparent strips’ transparent part does not hide any information; the removable adhesive allows for easy repositioning and keeps your books without marks
Eye-catching sticky tabs: good for marking pages in books or highlighting important information on one page, go back easily and index important information easily; suitable as page markers, bookmarks, notes and so on.
Small and fitting size: 8mm wide x 4mm long rectangular tabs, good for use in books, magazines, folders, organisers, day planners and files.

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