Post it Notes 76mm x 76mm Sticky Note Cube, Neon R... Price: £4.28 (as of 26/02/2021 20:08 PST- Details)

Post it notes are available in a choice of colours and sizes
A whole stack of sticky notes for when one pack just isn’t enough
ideal if you don’t want to run out of notes just at the wrong time


Post-it Notes are handy repositionable notes that can be stuck to most surfaces and removed cleanly Post-it Note Cubes offer more sheets per cube and come in bright colours making your messages and notes more eye catching Neon Pink Cube contains the following colours, Neon Yellow x 5, Ultra Fuchsia, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Green 450 sheets, 1 Cube 76x76mm
Post-it notes with more adhesive for a better stick
The simple way to leave a message, make a list or capture an idea
Super-bright to really get your message noticed
Cube format is ideal for desks or to keep handy by the phone
Post it cube contains 325 sheets in neon rainbow colours, each sheet measures 76 x 76 m

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Neon Green-Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Rainbow, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pastel Pink, Ultra Colours, Yellow


325 Sheets, 450 Sheets