Casio FX-9860GII Graphics Calculator SD

Perfect Natural V.P.A.M. (Visually Perfect Algebraic Method)
Solve equations with integral, differential, and probability functions
Pie charts and bar graphs


Casio FX-9860Gii SD Scientific Calculator is designed and engineered to meet the needs of teachers. This product displays calculation results just as they are written in the textbook and has powerful new functions for the classroom. The FX-9860 II SD design is equipped with an SD memory card which allows easy data exchange by slotting the card directly into caculator at the top. The FX-9860G series feature a sharp, crisp display of the high resolution LCD with an enlarged dot-area, assuring larger and even sharper images of formulas, graphs and graphics. Specifications • Large Display (21 columns x 8 lines, 127×63 dots) • 62,000-BYTE USer memory • 1,500,000-BYTE User Flash Memory Features Add-In software system with flash memory Includes PROGRAM-LINK software for Windows
Graphic Calculator

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