Bonsaii A3 Laminator, Thermal Laminator Machine fo...

A3 Size, Laminate documents up to: 13″; Works with any 3-5 mil laminating pouch
Quick 5 minutes warm up
With ABS and cooling function. Can be used for photographs, documents, recipes, etc



Jam Protection System Prevents Misfeeds – Applied with its Jam Protection System, the Bonsaii Thermal Laminator is capable of laminating damaged item without any safety issue.
Quick Heat-Up to Save Time – The laminator is designed to heat-up within 3 minutes. Also, it works efficiently- up to 9.8 inches/minute. It can work up to 2 hours per use.
Perfect for Home, Office, and Classroom – It helps create tags for distinguishing boxes/drawers and produce laminated home calendars and re-usable grocery lists. Besides, by laminating items, it helps in protection and preservation, for example, recipe card or any student’s artwork.


Mains voltage (V):220-240V AC, 50Hz
Laminating width: 330 mm
Size of the machine (mm): 488*260*98 approx.
Film of utilizable thickness: 3mil/5mil(Gold foil)
Heating up time: 5min.approx.
Laminating speed: 250 mm / min

Laminating documents, photos, cards; Max width is up to 300mm(A3 size)
3-minute quick warm-up time and max 2×125 Mic thickness; extra 5 laminating pouches included
Support both Hot and Cold laminating to cater different needs, perfect for home and office use
Equipped with ABS Jam-Release Switch which is easy to manually remove jammed pouches or paper from your laminator
One-year warranty back up by Bonsaii to ensure your benefits

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