Unicorns Are Real: Story of the Unicorn with Composition Notebook and Self Discovery Questions Journal: Unicorn Self Discovery Journal Questions

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Unicorns are the most amazing of animals. They fascinate us! This book is about unicorns, their origins, legends and animals that resemble unicorns. In addition, this book is a notebook/journal/composition book with 50 self discovery questions with wide-ruled lines to write in. Many of these self discovery questions will make some of us uncomfortable but at times, we need to ask ourselves to understand who we are. If you want to discover yourself then try writing the answers to these self discovery questions in the spaces provided. It will give you clarified insight about yourself and help you live a better and fulfilling life. This unicorn journal is for those who wants to learn about unicorns and can be used by men, women, boys and girls like.

Writing down certain self discovery questions (as in this book) is a powerful technique for developing a fulfilling and meaningful life. Get your unicorn self discovery journal and composition notebook today.

**Those with the ebook version can use another notebook to write the answers.