BIC Assorted Colors


BIC 4 Colours Original gives you four different colours of ink in the same pen: Black, blue, red and green
BIC 4 Colours Original retractable ball pen, allows you to switch easily between the four colours as your work dictates
This pen helps to keep yourself organised, take notes and prepare for presentations

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In 1970, French entrepreneur Marcel Bich introduced the BIC 4 Colours Original ballpoint, a pen that could change colours in a click without changing pens. This pack contains 3 blue, black, red and green ink all in one pens including 1 bonus! Ground-breaking then and legendary now, BIC fans around the world have been using the BIC 4 Colours pen for ages. Millions of BIC 4 Colours pens have been sold and they each hold a special place in someone’s heart. For some it’s their trusty pen, for others it’s a tool of the trade. Pupils and high school students couldn’t take notes without it and artists depend on it for inspiration. It’s a cinch to spot the timeless design of the BIC 4 Colours pen with the two-tone barrel, convenient clip for attaching it to your notebook or pocket, and the signature lanyard hole on top. A genuine BIC.
With the 4 medium 1.0 mm ballpoints, a totally versatile BIC Biro pen for crisp precision writing or bullet journaling
Classic design featuring the round blue and white barrel, a side clip and the signature clicking buttons
Long live the BIC 4 Colours pen. Each refillable ink cartridge writes for an average of 2 km – that’s a total of 8 km
Made with minimal raw materials and proudly certified by the NF Environnement eco-label

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